Branding, What is it and Why Should You Care?

Branding….How Important is it in an Online Atmosphere

Branding is all around us, it moves us, some brands move us toward them and others away.  In a sense, branding has some sort of “force” if done right, or wrong.  In the interest of saving the galactic republic and rebel force’s time, I won’t write about the “force” of life.  This article will focus more on the influence branding provides.  Today we will dive into some intriguing historical details about branding, how important it is to brand online, and how you or your company can brand itself into success.

In the 1800’s early industrial revolutionist corporations recognized the power of corporate branding and capitalized immensely on it’s power.  Evolution does not happen immediately, though, and corporations still had much to learn.  Imagine Time Square in the mid 1800’s?  It probably looked a lot emptier than today. The spheres of visual branding, design and promotion are constantly evolving.  If you and I were to take a journey back into time, say, to the 1960’s we would not only have a “groovy” time dancing to “oldies” with our parent’s (or grandparent’s) generation, we would also notice everything is completely different.  Technology was archaic back then as the pay-phone was very much a staple of communication, and automobiles were still made completely of quality metal.  In comparison, aside from these facts and many more to choose from in the 1960’s, logos and branding were completely different as well.  I would even argue to say that logos and subsequent branding of them, either change with societal atmospheric sentiment or lead society into the future.  A “which came first, the chicken or the egg” query if you will, and it was as much relevant then as it is today.

“Now days, individuals are within arms-reach of advertising, even as some of them sleep.”


In modern times, Time Square, as awe-inspiring as it is, has been middle-shelved by a social media frenzy of informational overload; most likely to shorten our attention spans by .3 seconds each year (my own personal statistic).  In this online informational frenzy everyone has come to love and hate, it is interesting to also observe how these platforms have revolutionized the exposure rates of personal and corporate branding.  Now days, individuals are within arms-reach of advertising, even as some of them sleep.  Yes, I’m talking to those that are sleeping next to their cell-phones (me included), supposedly this habit causes cancer.  Now, I am not bashing on social media, advertising or branding; quite the opposite actually.  You see, I am a student (and scientist) of life.  I observe what is going on around me, and marvel at how far things have come.  The evolution of branding is one such thing that amazes me.

Early Time Square Circa 1903

When searching for a brand in this post modern age, a simple logo design just isn’t good enough.  Branding has evolved from logo creation to a completely separate sector of advertising.  Branding packages offered by corporations now include an opportunity to promote a brand online.  By providing promotional branding packages online, businesses now have the opportunity to reach many more consumers with much less effort than their historical predecessors.  A premium branding package nowadays includes (on top of logo design) business cards, letterheads, email templates and landing pages to name a few.  For those of you wondering, a landing page is the first web-page that a consumer is designed to “land” on when visiting a website.  The subject of landing pages is quite exhaustive and could be used for a future article, stay tuned because this may well be a reality the more I am writing about it.  I digress, at the end of the day, it is the ultimate consumer’s choice to present an individual or corporate brand, and an advertising agency is only as good as the consumer’s future wants and needs.  The more specific the branding needs, the better.  More information is always better than less or none at all.  Thank you for reading and looking forward to hearing thoughts and suggestions on today’s “R-Time”.


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