Raboin Advertising’s “R” Time

The field of Marketing is an ever-evolving, multi-faceted (emphasis on multi) and increasingly popular revenue source that many, if not most, businesses turn to for lead generation.  The popularity of marketing, though, is not equivocal in any sense of the word, especially when it comes to how a corporate entity approaches consumers. Some rely on mass-analytics, gathering big data from think tanks around the web.  Others choose to go with how they feel, trying with utmost sincerity to connect to consumers. Like so many other industries the world has to offer, connecting with consumers in a relevant and natural way is and always will be the golden goose egg.  How a business treats the goose that they have been given, though, is a different story. Many businesses will never get to that next success level because they fail to emphasize the importance of getting to know their customer in a natural, relevant way.

I was talking to a colleague just today about how people connect to their consumers in an organic way.  She asked me, “what do you think is the difference in communication methods between B2B and B2C?” I thought for a second, and responded “B2C should be tailored to be more personal while B2B has a more professional approach”  (for those of you wondering, B2B stands for business to business communications and B2C is business to consumer). Just after finishing my sentence, I paused, feeling inadequate with my response, I added “in the end, people are interacting with other people regardless of what label is put onto the setting”  I went on to delve into why I believed that way. I explained to her that marketing and advertising will always have a human element attached to it, no matter how technologically advanced or evolving life becomes for us, and that is at the core foundation of our company.

“In the end, people are interacting with other people regardless of what label is put onto the setting”

When a client of ours is able to allow us to put complete attention on not just the direct needs of their customer, but needs that have yet to be revealed from an ideal or “target” consumer, a bond is created.  This bond between company and target consumer almost has an intuitive nature to it that outsiders cannot see. The end goal of our business is to gain the utmost confidence of our client’s consumer, by getting to know who they are; not just as a demographic statistic,  target market detail, or measuring metric, but as a living human being with wants, needs and feelings. In the end, we are all here on this earth to serve a purpose, and our purpose at Raboin Advertising is connecting people in a genuine way through business.

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